About me

I was born in New Zealand, but have lived all my adult life in Canada and the United States. I have a science degree in Zoology and Microbiolog, and have spent 30+ years working as a reference librarian in government, special and academic libraries. Since 2000, I have focused my Library Science and continuing education studies as much as possible in the health sciences. I have courses in human anatomy, physiology, chiropractic health and herbology., and continue my keen interest in integrative medicine.  I am excited that my current position as medical librarian at the University of Alaska Anchorage, allows me to explore the frontiers of medicine and health daily and support Alaska practitioners in improving the lives of their patients. I also enjoy assisting the students of our health science programs to navigate the literature, find information for their assignments and projects, and be successful in their studies.

The banner image at the top of this page is from The Northern Light‘s 2011 Kick-Off issue and was designed by Vicente Capala and Nick Foote. We are very grateful to the TNL staff for allowing us to use it!