Interview with Mike Robinson, Head of Library Systems, Consortium Library

On November 12, 9:00-10:00am, Deb the Librarian interviewed Mike Robinson, Associate Professor, Library Science, and Head of the Library Systems Department at the UAA/APU Consortium Library about computer technology and online access to information at the Consortium Library.  Library Systems includes 4 employees that oversee the functionality of the Library Catalog and online databases, Library computers and the software that is on them, and web design and development.  They constantly work to enhance online service to students, and keep them all that is offered at the Library.

How many computers does the library have for students to use? 

At this time there are 50 computers available in the Library!  There are 5 computers for people from the community to log in and access the internet (beyond UAA resources) for one hour, but otherwise all of the databases that UAA and the State of Alaska pay for are available to students and guests alike!

The Consortium Library also offers iPads and laptops that students can check out for in-library use.  Library Systems ynamic department; they with the constant evolution of technology, increased need for software on Library computers, and responding to the demand for quick, easy access to library resources.

How is the Library improving access to resources?

QuickSearch, the meta-search box on the Consortium Library’s home page at, was discussed.  QuickSearch searches all of the records in the Library Catalog, including ebooks, and 80-90% of the Consortium Library’s subscription databases, which include the full text of articles.  If you search QuickSearch, you will have the ability to limit your results to scholarly/peer-reviewed articles, books, newspapers, dissertations, and reference sources.  You can also save article or book records and email or print them in one of many popular citation style formats (APA, MLA, etc.).  Another option is to export the records to your RefWorks account.  This is a research management database that allows you to create folders to store the book and article information you use, and create a bibliography from that folder.

I created a brief QuickSearch video, which you can view here:

Subject Guides, which you can link to under the QuickSearch box at, include subject-specific web sites, article databases and other resources relevant to that topic.  These are created by librarians that are liaisons to various UAA Departments.  Take a look at the Subject Guides here:

The Subject Guides have been created using LibGuides software.  To see what LibGuides have been created by other university and public libraries, go to:  You’ll be amazed by the many subjects covered!

Songs played:  Information, by Dredg, Help, by Bananarama, and We Can Work it Out, by Stevie Wonder.

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