Learn how UAA’s Academic Coaching Center can help, Wednesday at 9am (or Thurs. at 5pm) on Informania, 88.1FM, kruaradio.org.

Deb the Librarian interviews two people who strive to help UAA students succeed.  Kelsi Swenson is the Operating Coordinator at the Learning Resources Center, and Cameron Nay is the Writing Center and Academic Coaching Center Manager.  The Learning Resources Center (LRC), which houses the Academic Coaching Center, the Writing Lab, the Math Lab, the Center for Language Learning, and a computer lab, is located in the Sally Monserud Hall, near the Wendy Williamson auditorium.  Discover how the LRC can help you!

Informania airs on Wednesday at 9am and repeats Thursday at 5pm.  Listen, and be informed!

Informania’s theme song is Information, by Dredg.