Book club? Movie night?

At the last FLIP meeting, we talked about all kinds of things, as we are wont to do, but perhaps the two most fun were the ideas of a FLIP Book Club (not a flip-book club) and a Library Movie Night. The book club could be anything, really, and if we wanted to move away from library-themed books, we could actually extend it out to patrons. Maybe we could do something for The Whale and the Supercomputer. But it could also be a professional development kind of thing, internally. (Coral’s suggestion: Everything is Miscellaneous.)

The Movie Night could be some kind of library-themed movie–I hear this has been done before?–in 307, in the evening, with people throwing in for pizza or something. It would be pretty informal, and “library-themed” can mean anything from “Party Girl” to “Desk Set” to a documentary about libraries. Ideas are welcome!

Do either of these thoughts interest you, though? If so, comment!

10 thoughts on “Book club? Movie night?

  1. I’m game. Everything is Miscellaneous sounds interesting. You might want to send out this post to the library listserv, too, because not everyone checks the FLIP blog. (I know, I can’t believe it either!)

  2. Aww, geez. Let me post that correctly:
    I’m definitely interested. Everything is Miscellaneous has been on one of my lists for a little while.

  3. Movie:

    ADVENTURE 1945
    Sea-going roustabout falls for meek librarian.
    Clark Gable
    Greer Garson (aka Mrs. Miniver)

    Don’t know if this fits the criteria . . .

  4. 1. Count me in! I don’t think there should be strict guidelines for books or movies – let’s read and watch whatever looks good! “Everything is Miscellaneous” seems like a great choice.

    2. Ummmm, Shari and Connie: did you not notice the prerequisite for posting here? Your name must be some form of Christie/Chris/Cris/Kristi.
    Although the “I work weekends” middle name is pretty cool. (Just kidding of course).

  5. Yes, let’s! I suggest early January for the book club, so people can read over the holidays if they want–though it’s just a suggestion. There’s been a request for “not Fridays,” for book club meetings, if possible, since all of the university committees seem to meet then.

    As for the movie, if someone has one to bring in, I say let’s go for December! … But I don’t have a good sense of when’s the best day in December. Maybe the week of the 14th, since school will be out?

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