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Library Survey Results

We are happy to share the results of our latest Library Survey, completed in February 2022.
For the first time, the UAA/APU Consortium Library undertook our own, unique survey,
customized to meet our local needs, and analyzed in-house, by the Consortium Library
Assessment Team.
Follow the link to find a summary report, Qualtrics reports for each user group surveyed, and
coded comments.
This survey was based on the University of Washington’s Triennial Survey.

Consortium Library Asks Redux …

What could the Consortium Library do differently to improve your Library experience?

This week we are asking our users to jot down their suggestions for how we could improve their experience. We will have big paper and pens by both library entrances from January 21-26 to collect your responses. We’ll share your ideas soon!

What do you like best about the Consortium Library?

Thanks for your feedback! The Consortium Library Assessment Team placed posters near each library entrance for a week (Nov. 18-25, 2019), and collected answers to this question.

Here is what we heard: You enjoy the library space very much! You like the plants, the study areas, the windows, and the quiet atmosphere.

  • “It is a place where I can relax and gain peace back. A place to escape stress at home and just be free.”
  • “The architecture is gorgeous and it offers a clean and free place to study.”

You also like the staff and the services we provide. Group and individual study rooms, interlibrary loan, wifi, and late night hours were all mentioned multiple times.

  • “Displays in front are the best! Thx for keeping it fresh!”
  • “The reference librarians and student workers!”
  • “The staff are wonderful & accommodating.”

Finally, you like our resources. Many mentioned books, plus the government document section and periodicals also received shout outs.

  • “Newspaper records going back decades & out of print books”
  • “The books on medieval history”

We’ll be asking questions about once a month for the rest of the academic year. The library wants to hear from you!

Consortium Library Asks …

This week we’re asking our users what they like best about the Consortium Library. We have big paper and pens near both library entrances. Take a moment to jot down an answer while you’re in the building, and we’ll post results to this site soon.

Improved Wifi in the Consortium Library

We have made some great changes to the wireless network in the library. “APU Wifi – Anchorage” is now available for APU users. Also, the UAA Wifi “UAA Wifi – Guest” is much faster than it was before. Both the APU and guest networks require a self registration process for first time users.
For a description of each network and how to connect to
them, go to the page: Computers, Laptops, Internet Access & Wireless