North Entrance Open!


The Consortium Library’s north entrance recently opened, so you can now enter the Library from either side of the building.  Stop by and check out our new circulation desk, multi-media room, and IT computer lab on the first floor!  The indoor campus walkway now extends from Rasmuson Hall to the north side of the Library, shortening the outdoor walk between the Library and the Administration and Integrated Science Buildings.



In October 2015, Consortium Library Dean Stephen Rollins wrote this about the upcoming project:

The North Entrance project is long overdue.  When the original 1973 library building was expanded in 2004, the new addition was designed to accommodate a second entrance on the north side of the building.  The plan was to add an arctic entryway once the demand justified its construction.  Based on frequent user comments and complaints and on user surveys, the demand for the north entrance has been steadily increasing over the years. The demand has increased as the campus expanded on the north side of the library building with the construction of the Conoco-Phillips Integrated Science Building, the parking garage, and the relocation of several humanities departments into the Administration Building.  The regular use of the Library for numerous public events every week has also increased the demand as more visitors come to campus and expect access to the building from the north side.  In fact the lack of a north entrance has been the number one complaint about the Library in recent years.

Using FY14 capital funding, the North Entrance project is more than just a second door for the building.  The project will greatly improve handicap access to the Library with parking spaces located just outside of the north entrance. The project also includes a second circulation service desk and a book security system.  With the second circulation desk, the multi-media collection will be moved near the north entrance improving service to this collection. By moving the multi-media collection, the student computer lab on the second floor will be moved to a preferred location on the first floor conveniently adjacent to the library’s reference desk.  Library users will benefit by having immediate access to both reference librarians and IT support.

It is expected that at least 5,000 visitors will use the north entrance weekly during the fall and spring semesters.  When the project is completed, there will be a second library circulation desk and better access to the building, the library collections, and the student computer lab.

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LibQUAL comment analysis

The Library Assessment Team has analyzed comments submitted on the 2014 LibQUAL survey. We have distributed comments to the appropriate library departments, who will have the opportunity to incorporate user feedback into their future plans.

We thought you might be interested in a numerical analysis of the nature of comments: positive, negative, or neutral. While conventional wisdom may indicate that respondents are more likely to submit negative comments than positive, we found that the majority of comments from our users are positive.

To understand the two spreadsheets that follow, look at the pairs of columns by color. For example, 92 of the comments submitted by UAA users about Circulation were positive, 53 were negative, and one was neutral.

To put these figures in context, UAA users completed 2133 surveys, and left a total of 775 comments.  APU users completed 186 surveys, and left a total of 58 comments.

Thanks for reading!




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Congratulations to our Prize Winners!

Thanks to everyone who took the LibQUAL Survey in November 2014.  We appreciate your feedback, and the Consortium Library Assessment Team is analyzing your survey responses and comments.

Survey respondents were entered in a drawing for exciting prizes, and Dean Steve Rollins presented the prizes to all of our randomly selected winners.


Grand prize winner – APU student Sarah Cooley (iPad Air 2)



Prize winner – UAA student Michaela Phillips ($100 gift certificate to Varsity Sports Grill)



Prize winner – APU student Amber Peterson ($100 gift certificate to Varsity Sports Grill)


Thanks again to everyone who took the time to fill out our survey.  The full results are posted on this site, and we will be sharing more analysis in the near future.

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How Your Answers to LibQual Make a Difference

As the Consortium Library gets ready to undertake its third LibQual survey, we thought it might be a good time to look at how student feedback directed changes that the library made using the results of the LibQual Survey conducted in 2011.

It was clear that more seating was important to you. Also, you wanted different kinds of seating. We added more seating in a variety of styles to give you a choice, and came up with better signage to reduce the confusion about where the quiet areas in the library were.003




We not only added seating, we increased the number of electrical plugs in the building and added seating that included a charging bar for your electronics.004

Our chairs get a lot of use. In addition to purchasing new seating, we reupholstered over three dozen chairs we already owned that had been almost loved to death.




Patrons indicated a need for longer hours. The library opened our Late Night Study Facility for the UAA & APU community. With your university ID card you have access to the building from 10PM to 1 AM Sunday through Thursday during the semester. We have expanded our weekend and evening hours.  We also standardized our hours for the summer and intersessions to cut down on confusion.










More study rooms.  Boy are these popular. In the last year we had over 12,000 study room bookings.  The library added another group study room to bring our total to 16,and four individual study rooms for those who need that extra bit of solitary space.  Not only did we add the rooms themselves, we purchased software to allow for self booking.


While you’re here studying, it’s important to you to have the tools you need to complete your work. We added a vending machine and filled it with stuff that you needed.001 We also added a third scanner on the second floor and a microfiche scanner in the copy room. Better living through technology.









Patron safety and well being are important to everyone.  We’ve added and Emergency Defibrillator, a Med Sled, and and Emergency Phone to the library.








We hope this post has shown you that we take your input very seriously. We want to continue to shape the UAA/APU Consortium library to work in the best possible way for our students, staff and faculty. We are looking forward to what LibQual 2014 has in store.

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Study rooms – You asked, and we listened!

Many people left comments about study space in last year’s LibQUAL survey. In particular, there were quite a few requests for individual study rooms and for better ways to register for group study rooms. Some people felt that the study rooms were not being fully utilized—for instance, a group would often be asked to leave their study room without seeing that another group was coming in, and many groups were trying to book during the peak times and being turned away, when the rooms were almost entirely unused at other times of day.

We want to let you know, we read all of these comments and took them seriously. In response to your requests, we’ve opened up four individual study rooms, we’ve converted the copy room on the second floor into a new group study room, and we’ve purchased software to allow for self-booking of study rooms.

We hope the room booking software, in particular, will help the student body get the most benefit from the study rooms. You can use it to book an individual or group study room, up to a week ahead of time. You can easily see how busy the rooms are and work with your group to pick a time when they’re open. If you’re running late to meet your group, you look online to see where your group is meeting and join them. You can check room availability and book with your smartphone or tablet.

We think it’s pretty great.

If you want to, you can still show up or call to book a room. We’re happy to make bookings for you! But this way, if you don’t feel like calling, you don’t have to. Just make your booking online, check your email for the booking approval, and check in at the front desk so our staff can unlock the door for you!

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Library improvements after 2008 LibQUAL+ Survey

The UAA/APU Consortium Library conducted the national LibQUAL+™ user survey in 2008. We responded to the input you gave us in that survey by making careful modifications to our services, collections, web pages, and facilities. The changes and actions outlined below are some of the direct results of your survey responses, feedback, and comments.

Library space

✓ Added 100 more seats to make it easier to find a good place to study
✓ Rearranged furniture to create separate quiet zones and group work spaces
✓ Added 4 new group study rooms
✓ Set up displays to highlight new collections and materials
✓ Added new directional signs and maps to help students navigate the collections and study spaces
✓ Enhanced the APU presence in the library with a new APU-oriented library brochure and APU art and historical exhibits
✓ Are in ongoing discussions with UAA funders about opening the North entrance

There are 100 more places to sit and study now

Library services

✓ Based on your requests, started staying open till 2 am during final exams so students have a place to study
✓ Started staying open later on Saturday in 2010-11; in 2011-12 will start staying open till 1 am Sunday-Thursday
✓ Started a new document delivery service that delivers copies of print journal articles electronically to faculty and students
✓ Set up a new system so APU students can pick up their holds on the APU campus without having to come down the hill
✓ Sponsored an all-day customer service training session for library staff
✓ APU started a late-night shuttle service between the library and the APU campus to address safety concerns

Staying open till 2 am during finals provides groups and individuals with a great place to study

Library web pages

✓ Purchased leading edge software that pulls previously scattered electronic and print materials into a single search.
Called Quicksearch, this is currently offered as a beta product on the library home page
✓ Purchased new electronic journal software to improve access to electronic materials
✓ Improved the ILL web request experience by overhauling the software
✓ Made improvements to the main library web site

Quicksearch brings it all together in one place

Library collections

✓ Conducted a number of focus groups with faculty and graduate students to determine their information needs, and
purchased many of the requested items, including journal packages, ebooks, CD’s, and DVD’s. What it wasn’t feasible
to purchase has gone on the library’s master wish list
✓ Improved the overall size and quality of the collection through a combination of budget increases and special grants

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