Lemonade Day? AmeriCorps opportunities? Learn about these programs and more offered through the Center for Economic Development, Thursday at 5pm on Informania, KRUA, 88.1, The Edge.

Listen to the interview with Katie Abbott, Program Coordinator for the Alaska Center for Economic Development.

This is Money Smart Week!  These words linger in my mind, urging me to take money-smart action. And I don’t think that means spending all I have!

The action I’ve taken begins with an interview with Katie Abbott, Program Coordinator for the Alaska Center for Economic Development, on the Informania radio show.  On April 22, 2013, Katie shared about the impressive range of educational and volunteer opportunities related to the smart management of money offered through the Center for Economic Development (CED).

“The Alaska Center for Economic Development is one of 52 University Centers designated by the U.S. Economic Development Administration (http://ced.uaa.alaska.edu).”  Their programs range from entrepreneurship (education and support for small business owners and inventors), to municipal economic development programs, to AmeriCorps Vista, to Lemonade Day!

Speaking of Lemonade Day, this national event to educate children about small business development, will take place on May 11, 2013.  The Alaskan Center for Economic Development will support Alaskan children who register for Lemonade Day, by providing a backpack with information on how to get started, and have a successful experience with their small business (lemonade stand).  In preparation for this event there are workshops that children can attend, like a Financial Literacy class sponsored by Wells Fargo, or a Home Depot class on How to Build a Lemonade Stand.  The business partnerships that CED has established benefit the university and program participants.  Some companies have offered to sponsor their storefront as a lemonade stand location on Lemonade Day.  Lemonade Day provides an opportunity for children and their families to learn about smart money management when pursuing a business opportunity.  But CED doesn’t only offer this at the youth level.

There are educational programs for cities (aka municipalities) that help, for example, Assembly representatives learn about economic development or business retention and expansion.  People elected to a governing Assembly may have a passion for helping community, but may not be knowledgeable about economic development, so the Alaska Center for Economic Development is there to help.

To learn more about the Center for Economic Development, check out their web site at  http://ced.uaa.alaska.edu/ .  Interested in volunteering, or would like more information about an upcoming workshop? Contact Katie Abbott at 907-786-5444.