Study tips and inspiration from Deb the Librarian and KRUA Station Manager, Audri Pleas, Thursday on Informania, 5-6pm, 88.1FM.

Listen to the interview with Audriana Pleas.

Audri Pleas, Station Manager at KRUA, and University of Alaska Anchorage student, talks about study habits, her experience at KRUA, and her evolution as student and leader from Walmart to KRUA.

Deb the Librarian also reviews study tips from earlier shows:

If you create study cards, write them, and then when you review them, say the information out loud.  This engages more energy in remembering the information (kinesthetic engagement). (Dartmouth College Study Skills handout)

Paraphrase information from your textbook in your mind, instead of just remembering it word-for-word. This will help you identify answers on a test if they are not word-for-word according to the textbook. (Dartmouth College Study Skills handout)

Dan Bonin, Math Learning Specialist, shared that research findings showed that it was more successful to study in the physical/mental state that you will take the test.  If you have an exam right after lunch, get in the habit of studying right after lunch.  Your body will take these cues on helping you remember the information in that physical/mental state.

Audri Pleas shared that listening to music without words, like classical music, helps her to study.  Music with words can be distracting, so find music without words that you can study to, if you like to listen to music while studying.

Also, pick a location that allows you to focus on what you need to learn.  The Consortium Library has quiet study areas that support this endeavor.  The Library stays open until 2am for students needing a quiet place to study.