A bit on blogs

At the August 21 FLIP meeting, the discussion was primarily about blogs: the good, the bad, the way too wordy.  The topic was prompted by the recent release of this 100 Best Blogs for Librarians list, which comes from another blog (of course).

In your opinion, what makes an interesting blog?  Do you find that blogs make great professional reference tools, or are they more of a social media outlet,  a little of both, or none of the above?  Further, do you have any suggestions for this new FLIP blog?

Please add comments, thoughts, links to your favorite blog(s).  Let’s get this conversation started.  Ready….go!

6 thoughts on “A bit on blogs

  1. Should we come up with a fancy name for this blog? Let’s see…
    FLIP Flap?
    BLIP (combining blog + flip)?
    FLIP Forum?
    I’m sure the creative folks out there could come up with something much better!

  2. Speaking of library blogs… The Aug/Sept issue of American Libraries (ALA magazine) featured blogs for the library professional on pages 59-61. 15 specific blogs are listed, along with a paragraph blurb describing the blog.

  3. The first combo name I thought of for a FLIP blog was FLOG, but that doesn’t sound too friendly.

  4. I thought of FLOG first too! And had the same worry, which is why I just flipped it around to BLIP.

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