September meeting topic(s)?

For the Fall 2009 semester, FLIP will be meeting every three weeks.  Which makes our next scheduled date only one week away!  Please do come if you can.

What should we talk about?  Some general topics that people have previously expressed interest in include:

  • E-Books
  • Library marketing
  • Job preparation and application
  • Educational opportunities and career enhancement
  • Academic librarianship and faculty status
  • Scholarships and funding information
  • Application to and participation in library programs/committees
  • Projects and publications by local librarians

There are also a lot of discussion ideas that are mentioned in the news everyday (Google Books, copyright issues, social networking in libraries, etc.).    For instance, here is an article that was published on just today: The future of libraries, with or without books

So please add your comments to this post and weigh in on what you’re dying to opine about!