KRUA’s Informania explores the UA College Savings Plan & Alaska 529, & UA Scholars Program! Monday, Sept. 17, 1pm-2pm, replayed Friday, 1pm-2pm

Happy National College Savings Month!  On Monday, September 17, Deb the Librarian interviews Lael Oldmixon, the Executive Director of the University of Alaska Scholars Program and the College Savings Plan. Discover how Alaska 529 impacts the University of Alaska! Listen and be informed!

Learn about the Society for Inclusion and Equality and more! This week on KRUA’s Informania; Friday, 1-2pm.

Listen to Informania on 88.1FM or, on Friday at 1pm, for the replay of Deb the Librarian’s interview with Nile Morris, President of the Society for Inclusion and Equality; Seawolf Debater; Executive Producer and Host of Orbuculum 101 on KRUA; composer; and Natural Sciences major. Nile shares great insight and information. Listen and be informed!