About the Library

Information about the LibQUAL+ survey we conduct every three years, improvements we have made, and other assessment activities.
Building & History
Information about the building and its history including the 25th Anniversary, the Beacon of Knowledge, Foucault Pendulum, gallery and meeting space, construction timeline, and photo galleries.
Collections & Partners
A list of collections housed by the Consortium Library and our partner libraries and organizations.
Consortium Library Prize
An annual prize for undergraduate research.
Giving to the Library
Help the library strengthen its print and digital collections and provide the services needed to support vibrant communities of scholarship.
The library's mission statement.
Policies about borrowing library materials, code of conduct, computer use, copyright and fair use, services for the general public, and other relevant policies.
Statistics about the Library
Our average number of visitors, material circulation, and other library facts.
Audio and virtual tours introducing the library, its collections, and services.