Archives month event: free book enclosure class: RSVP required!

Thanks to Northwest Archivists, the professional association for our region, we received some funding for an Archives Month event.

Do you have some books, journals, or diaries that need a little added protection on your shelves? Want to learn how to make some inexpensive covers for them?

A few enclosed books in our Rare Books collection.

Saturday, October 20, at 3:00 pm, we’re hosting a DIY book enclosure workshop. We’ll supply the card stock, scissors, pencils, rulers, and instructions, you bring along a book that you want to enclose. Because not all books are easy to build enclosures for, we ask that for this training you bring something that isn’t tiny, isn’t skinny, isn’t huge. A relatively standard size book or journal should work well. We’ll be sending you home with supplies to make more.

Since we have limited funding for the workshop supplies and this is a hands-on workshop, you will need to RSVP to us to reserve a place. The Contact Us link up at the top of this page will take you to a webform that you can use to submit an email to us to reserve your spot. Our phone number is there, too, if you prefer to call. If you’re working on a mobile device, the Contact Us link can be found under the menu icon (three horizontal bars) toward the top of the page. If you haven’t received a confirmation from us within one business day, please call!

Want to bring the kids? The project requires the use of fairly sharp scissors (says the archivist who nearly failed the scissors section of kindergarten) and the ability to use a ruler to take measurements. We’ll let you judge if  your kids are up for that. However due to various UAA campus safety regulations, we ask that children and minors under 18 be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Oh, and if you don’t want to bring a book with you–please don’t bring any very fragile or highly valuable books that could be damaged in transit!–we’ll have a few around that you can use to practice with.

Oh, also important: parking is free on campus on Saturdays!

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“Preserving & Identifying Photographs” Workshop

UAA Archives & Special Collections invites you to register for a free all-day workshop on “Preserving & Identifying Photographs”!

WHEN: Saturday October 22nd, 10:30am-4pm

WHERE: UAA/APU Consortium Library, 3rd floor, Room 307

WHAT: Do you have hundreds of family photographs and negatives stored at home in shoe-boxes in your closet? Are most of them unidentified and undated? Do you want to learn how best to store, preserve, and identify them so that they last for future generations? This workshop will be taught by UAA archivists Megan Friedel and Mariecris Gatlabayan and will include:

  • lessons on identifying and dating significant photo and negative types from the 19th & early 20th centuries
  • best practices for storing and preserving a wide range of photographic material, including slides, glass and film negatives, photo albums, scrapbooks, and more
  • a brief introduction to proper scanning techniques and best practices for storing digital images
  • hands-on exercises in identifying the format and subject of photographs
  • one-on-one consultation with trained archivists to help you determine the needs of your photo collection

The workshop is open to the general public, maximum 25 participants.  There is no cost to attend.  Register now, as space will be limited!

TO REGISTER: Contact Megan Friedel at

This workshop is an Archives Month event.  Also join us in the Archives at 5pm on Thursday October 13th for an Archives Month Open House and AMIPA Film Screening! More information on that event to come soon.