LibQUAL comment analysis

The Library Assessment Team has analyzed comments submitted on the 2014 LibQUAL survey. We have distributed comments to the appropriate library departments, who will have the opportunity to incorporate user feedback into their future plans.

We thought you might be interested in a numerical analysis of the nature of comments: positive, negative, or neutral. While conventional wisdom may indicate that respondents are more likely to submit negative comments than positive, we found that the majority of comments from our users are positive.

To understand the two spreadsheets that follow, look at the pairs of columns by color. For example, 92 of the comments submitted by UAA users about Circulation were positive, 53 were negative, and one was neutral.

To put these figures in context, UAA users completed 2133 surveys, and left a total of 775 comments.  APU users completed 186 surveys, and left a total of 58 comments.

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