The following text is available at: Student Code of Conduct, Dean of Students, UAA.

As with all members of the University community, the University requires students to conduct themselves honestly and responsibly, and to respect the rights of others. Conduct that unreasonably interferes with the learning environment or that violates the rights of others is prohibited by the standards and guidelines collectively described as the Student Code of Conduct Code. Students and student organizations will be responsible for ensuring that they and their guests comply with the Code while on property owned or controlled by the University, or while at activities authorized by the University.

Violations of the Code, which occur on property, owned or controlled by the University, or at activities authorized by the University, are subject to University judicial review and disciplinary action by the University. Student behavior which, were it to occur on property owned or controlled by the University or at activities authorized by the University, would constitute a Code violation is subject to disciplinary action when the University determines that the behavior would likely have an adverse impact on the health or safety of members of the University community, regardless of where the behavior occurs.

Students who are charged with violations of local, state, or federal laws may be subject to disciplinary action by the University if the offenses are also violations of the Code. University judicial procedures and disciplinary actions are independent of and may precede, follow, or take place simultaneously with criminal proceedings. University actions will not be subject to challenge on the grounds that criminal charges involving the same incident have been dismissed or reduced.

A student who has been charged with a violation of the Code and refuses to participate in the judicial process, or fails to complete disciplinary sanctions assigned by the University may be prohibited from reenrolling in courses until the charges or sanctions are resolved to the satisfaction of the University.

Disciplinary action may be initiated by the University and disciplinary sanctions imposed against any student or student organization found responsible for committing, attempting to commit, or intentionally assisting in the commission of any of the following categories of conduct prohibited by the Code.