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Alaska Medical Library



The AML Newsletter is a free one-page zine, with clickable links, which provides:

  • Important medical alerts
  • Recent research findings
  • Useful health-related web sites
  • Resources offered by the National Library of Medicine
  • Changes in database search features and techniques
  • Updates on AML collections, services and staff
  • The new issue is posted on the AML website each month. By signing up, you will receive e-mail notification with the link to the latest issue when it is posted.

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Past Issues

Issue Major Topic(s)
September-October 2010 *Want an Easy Way to Keep Current with Your Favorite Journals?
July-August 2010 *The Forgetting Disease: The Most Critical Epidemic Facing the 21st Century
April-June 2010 *Deep Vein Thrombosis: A Very Stealthy Disease!
January-March 2010 *Don't Let Muscles Cramp Your Active Lifestyle!
October-December 2009 *Know Your Plastics to Safequard Your Health
August-September 2009 *One Stroke and You Are Out
July 2009 *The New Shingles Vaccine: Why Push It?
May/June 2009 *New Crop of Online Books Ready for Picking!
April 2009 *The H1N1 Pandemic: Keeping It in Perspective
March 2009 *Telemedicine Brings Specialist Care to Small Alaska Communities
February 2009 *Rolfing® Structural Integration: Poised to Go Mainstream?
January 2009 *What's New? Simple Steps to Stay Informed
December 2008 *Big Changes are Coming to PubMed
November 2008 *Noise-Induced Hearing Loss - Alaskans Are at Special Risk
October 2008 *Nanotechnology: Modern Miracle or Pandora's Box?
June 2008 *Can Cell Phones Destroy Your Brain?
May 2008 *Health Information in MANY Languages - Now on MedlinePlus!
February 2008 *Happy 40th Birthday, HSIS!
January 2008 *MRSA in the Community: A Growing Threat to Young People
December 2007 *Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs): What you Should Know!
November 2007 *Don't Underestimate "Mild" Head Injuries!
October 2007 *Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) is on the Move in Alaska!
September 2007 *Dreaming of Becoming a Physician?
August 2007 *Alaska's Digital Pipeline: Free Articles and More - Just for Alaskans!
July 2007 *Exposing the Great Bottled Water Scam - It's Time to Wise Up!
June 2007 *Bionic Boomers: Why Hip Replacements are All the Rage
May 2007 *Alaska Native Suicide: Help Turn the Tide
April 2007 *Depression: Deadlier in Spring
March 2007 *The Power of Touch
February 2007 *Vitamin D Deficiency - An Unrecognized but Deadly Epidemic?
January 2007 *The Human Genome Project - What's in it for us?
December 2006 *Pilates: The Mind-Body Workout that Transforms
November 2006 *In Your Stocking This Year: More E-books!
October 2006 *Pregnancy and Diabetes - A Dangerous Link!
September 2006 *To Zap or Not to Zap - That is the Question!
August 2006 *HSIS Newsletter - Behind the Scenes
July 2006 *Choose to Move for Cancer Protection and Recovery
June 2006 *The Untold Misery of Prostate Problems
May 2006 *Better Than Google? Update on Databases for Alaskans
*Cast Your Vote for New E-Books
April 2006 *Thumbs Up for Red Wine and Chocolate?
March 2006 *Colorectal Cancer Screening: An Important Test for Over 50s
February 2006 *Bird Flu: What Alaskans Need to Know
January 2006 *Bad Blood: the Silent Epidemic. Are You at Risk?
December 2005 *Public Health: A Global Effort that Protects and Promotes the Health of Communities
November 2005 *The Perils of Multitasking: Is Less Really More?
October 2005 *Finding Foreign Language Health Education Materials
September 2005 *Finding Full Text Articles Online - Not for the Impatient or Faint-hearted!
August 2005 *E-books Galore -- STAT!Ref and More! Passwords, pins and registration.
July 2005 *Focus on Domestic Violence
June 2005 *Online Resources - What's New for 2005
May 2005 *Focus on tobacco: Alaska's No.1 health problem
April 2005 *Focus on Vitamins and Minerals
March 2005 *Find out what's new at HSIS
February 2005 *What's new in PubMed?
January 2005 *Focus on Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
December 2004 *What are your information needs?
November 2004 *Focus on Palliative Care
October 2004 *UAA's Library of the 21st Century Becomes a Reality
September 2004 *Of Traditional Healing and Herb Gardens
August 2004 *When you need answers fast -- STAT!Ref it! GIDEON update
July 2004 *Alaska Herbs that Harm and Heal!
June 2004 *GIDEON: Powerful new infectious disease resource
May 2004 *Focus on infectious diseases. Announcing GIDEON
April 2004 *Low health literacy -- an emerging public health issue!
March 2004 *Natural Standard natural medicine database
*Breast cancer news and resources
February 2004 *Reducing medical errors -- an urgent new priority!
January 2004 *Type 2 diabetes in children and young adults: the new epidemic!
December 2003 *"Tis the season to be SAD!"
November 2003 *Focus on the medical library
October 2003 *Focus on children with complex medical conditions
*HSIS Table of Contents Service
September 2003 *Focus on aging: a critical issue for us all!
August 2003 *Focus on HSIS: a new home and a new direction!
July 2003 *PubMed: What is it? What's new on PubMed? PubCrawler
June 2003 *ArcticHealth Website: a brand new resource for northerners
May 2003 *Obesity: One of the major health threats of our time
April 2003 *Focus on resources for Alaskans: Databases, SARS, health programs on TV, STAT!Ref survey
March 2003 *STAT!Ref online medical reference library
*Borrowing specialized medical books or textbooks
*SARS Resources on the Web
Jan.-Feb. 2003 *Finding patient education materials for Native Alaskans
Nov.-Dec. 2002 *PubMed changes
Sept.-Oct. 2002 *Breast Cancer Awareness Month--substantive web sites
July-Aug 2002 *National Library of Medicine--services/URL locations
May-June 2002 *Reliability of Web Sites
Mar.-Apr. 2002 *Finding patient education material
*Finding health statistics
Jan.-Feb. 2002 *Literature Searches
Nov.-Dec. 2001 *ArcticHealth database
Sept.-Oct. 2001 *Using Loansome Doc
July-Aug 2001 *Obtaining information from health-related databases such as PsychAbstracts, Sociology, etc.
May-June 2001 * Is Everything on the 'Net?
* Full-text journals ... for Administrators & Nurses
March-April 2001 * Autoalerts (SDIs) or automatic updates by medical topic
February 2001 * Signing up for Table of Contents service
January 2001 * Articles delivered to your computer
* MD Consult
* Stat!Ref
December 2000 * Keeping up with the literature (Table of Contents service)
December 2000 StatRef/MDConsult * Introduction of StatRef and MDconsult service and access