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Hans and Margaret Hafemeister papers; 1943-1945. 2.25 cubic feet. hmc-0126. Hans Hafemeister's diaries and Margaret Hafemeister's papers on her social work career.

Vincent E. Hagen photograph album; 1941-1962. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-1067-AHS. Photographs taken by a U.S. Army Signal Corps corporal who served in Alaska during World War II.

SMITH HALEY. "Missionary Aviation of Alaska" Research Files; 2000-2001. .2 cu. ft. List. hmc-0536.

THOMAS WILLIAM HALLIGAN. Papers; n.d., 1972-1994. 1.25 cubic feet. Inventory. hmc-0129. Published and unpublished works (poetry, children's stories, etc.) of an Alaskan author.

HAMMON CONSOLIDATED GOLD FIELDS COMPANY (Ak. Hist. Soc. Col.). Photographs; 1925. .1 cubic feet. List. hmc-1022-AHS. Photographs of Nome area mining operations.

JAY S. HAMMOND. Papers; 1946-circa 2005. 10 cubic feet. Inventory. hmc-0442. Alaskan political figure, legislator, and governor.

HANS VAN DER LAAN BROOKS RANGE LIBRARY. BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Records; 1972-1992, 1996. .45 cubic feet. Inventory. hmc-0382.

J. D. HANSON. World War II Photograph Album; 1941-1943. .2 cubic feet. hmc-0866. Seaman on the U. S. Coast Guard Cutter Aurora in Alaska waters during the war.

MARY SANTEE HANSON. Diary; 1917-1918. .2 cubic feet. hmc-0551. Woman living in Southeast Alaska.

-HARD AND WILSON. Territorial Mining License; 1929. .1 cubic feet. hmc-0823. Provisional business license for mining at Cripple, Alaska.

John Kay and Marianna Lee Hardcastle; 1947. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-0933. Letter describing a trip to Alaska via the Alaska Highway.

-ERIC (1904-1995) AND ANNA HARDING. Tourist Scrapbook; 1969. .25 cubic feet. hmc-0749. Elmhurst, Illinois couple who took and bus and ship tour of Alaska.

George Hardy photograph album; 1943. 0.4 cubic feet. hmc-1081. Photographs of the construction of the Alaska Highway.

George Harper's Blacks in Alaska History Project records; 1953-2004. 12.3 cubic feet. hmc-0681.

George T. Harper papers; 1803-2004. 12.1 cubic feet. hmc-0686. The papers of historian who researched African American history in Alaska.

J. B. "GEORGIA" HARPER. Photograph Album and Papers; n.d., 1944-1945. .25 cubic feet. hmc-0592.

Harpoon records; 1978-1982. 0.25 cubic feet. hmc-0130.

Richard Tighe Harris family papers; 1853-1969. 3.0 cubic feet. hmc-0131. The family papers of a prospector and the co-founder of Juneau, Alaska.

Charles S. Harvard papers; 1912-1973. 2.50 cubic feet.hmc-0425. Papers of an engineer for the Alaska Railroad.

John Havelock papers; 1958-1984. 32 cubic feet. hmc-0132. Papers of an Anchorage lawyer and former Alaska Attorney General.

RICHARD HOLMES HAZARD. World War II Papers; 1943-1944. .2 cubic feet. hmc-0544. Papers and photos relating to his service in the United State Navy during the war.

Heart of Alaska's labor movement: Alaska Territorial Federation of Labor members' oral history audiocasettes; 1988-1989. 0.35 cubic feet. hmc-0813.

Eric A. Hegg photographs; 1898-1905. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-0513. Images related to the Klondike and Nome gold rushes as well as southeast Alaska.

ROBERT F. HEIZER (1915-1979). Papers; 1949-1956. .35 cubic feet. List. hmc-0136.

John S. Hellenthal papers; 1917-1989. 2.25 cubic feet. hmc-0447. Papers of an Alaskan legislator.

Christine A. Heller papers; 1895-1982. 15.4 cubic feet. hmc-0367. Papers of an Alaskan botanist and nutrition researcher.

MARGARET E. HELLER (1909-1991). Papers; n.d., 1923, 1925, 1947, 1949, 1953-1978, 1980-1981. .5 cubic feet. Folder list. hmc-0398. Miscellaneous papers of an airline employee and amateur ornithologist in Alaska.

MILDRED B. HENDRICKS (1898-1986). Letters; 1936-1940. .1 cubic feet. Item list. hmc-0368. Wife of an employee at several gold mining camps.

A.J. Hewitt letter; 1929. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-0825. Businessman's letter concerning the operations of the Anchorage Times newspaper.

HICKEL ADMINISTRATION EXIT INTERVIEWS PROJECT. Logs and Audiocassettes; 1994-1995. .35 cubic feet. List. hmc-0435.

Walter J. Hickel papers; 1950-2010. 340 cubic feet. hmc-0660.  Papers of a former U.S. Secretary of the Interior and Alaskan politician and businessman who was very involved in northern regions public policy development.

David M. Hickok papers; 1923-1992. 17 cubic feet. hmc-0408. Papers of an Alaskan natural resources officer regarding land use in the state.

Mark Hickok papers; 1955-1991. 1 cubic foot. hmc-0618. Papers of a leader in the Alaskan land conservation movement.

John Andrew Higgins papers; 1914-1950, bulk 1942-1946. 0.50 cubic feet. hmc-0538. Photographs and news articles of a U.S. Navy Seabee stationed in Alaska during WWII.  

Carl Hild papers; undated, 1969. 0.01 cubic feet. hmc-1155. Photographs and papers of a sculptor and former Director of the Health Services Administration Program at Alaska Pacific University.

H. H. Hildreth papers; 1898-1922. 0.5 cubic feet. hmc-1132. Papers related to early Seward and mining in southcentral Alaska.

GORDON H. HILLS. Papers; n.d., 1949, 1952, 1958-1998. 8 cubic feet. Inventory. hmc-0475. Papers relating to research and book on Native American libraries.

Herb Hilscher papers; 1905-1996. 8.35 cubic feet. hmc-1001. The personal papers of a longtime Alaskan resident, writer, and member of the Alaska Constitutional Convention.

Hilary Hilscher Alaska Telecommunications history project records and research materials; 1939-2005. 8.0 cubic feet. hmc-0859.

HISTORY OF SAND LAKE PROJECT. Records; 1988. .5 cubic feet. Inventory. hmc-0492.

KATHRYN W. HITCHCOCK (1908-1979). Scrapbooks; 1972. .25 cubic feet. hmc-0137. Materials compiled by a university faculty member regarding notable Alaskans and events.

Art Hobson photograph album; circa 1909-1911. 0.8 cubic feet. hmc-1088. Photographs of the Copper River and Northwestern Railway from a fireman who worked on the railroad.

Grace and John Vincent Hoeman papers; 1952-1971. 7.35 cubic feet. hmc-0887. Papers of Alaskan mountaineers.

HOLMES FAMILY. Papers; 1915-1966. 1 cubic feet. Inventory. hmc-0138. Primarily business papers and a photograph album relating to mining in the McCarthy area.

MICHAEL HOOD. Papers; 1976-1996. 5 cubic feet. Inventory. hmc-0383. UAA faculty member and head of the Theatre Department.

Elmer H. Hoode scrapbook; 1943 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-0568. Scrapbook from a U.S. Marine stationed at Dutch Harbor..

Home And Landowners Organization, Inc. (HALO) records; 1973-2012. 1.25 cubic feet. hmc-1125. Documents relating to HALO, a non-profit organization focused on land use issues in Southeast Anchorage.

ARTHUR W. HOPE (1915-2004). World War II Photographs and Papers; n.d., 1944. .1 cu. ft. hmc-0790. Allison Engines employee who visited Alaska concerning Lend-Lease aircraft for Russia.

LOIS A. HORNBERGER. World War II Photograph Album; 1943. .2 cubic feet. hmc-0730. Album of apparent nurse who worked in Nome.

William L. Horton postcards; 1988, 1990, 1997-1998. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-1178-ahs. Postcards from tourists who travelled throughout Alaska.

WESLEY HOUSMAN; Photographs; n.d., 1937-1945. .45 cubic feet. hmc-0533. Personal photograph albums of soldier who served on Adak Island during World War II.

William R. Howerton World War II photographs. 0.02 cubic feet. hmc-1097. Photographs taken by a soldier during his time in Seward.

JAMES B. HOXIE (1908-1971). World War II Photograph Album; 1944-1945. .6 cubic feet. hmc-0713. U. S. Army Signal Corps soldier who served in Seward and Fairbanks.

HARRY W. AND NORMA HOYT FAMILY. Papers; 1908-1989. 3 cubic feet. Inventory. hmc-0988. Family that owned the Gulkana Road House and the Hoyt Motor Company in Anchorage.

CHARLES G. HUBBARD, II (1869-1969). Papers; 1897-1916, 1982-1987. .25 cubic feet. Inventory. hmc-0141.

Wilda G. Hudson papers; 1953-2001. 3.0 cubic feet. hmc-1169. Papers of a woman involved in Anchorage civic activities.

Grace P. Hurst photograph album; 1957. 0.25 cubic feet. hmc-0914. Photograph album of an Indiana woman who visited her U. S. Army officer son and his family at Ladd Air Force Base in Fairbanks.

Kenneth J. Huseby photographs; 1964. 0.1 cubic feet. hmc-0427. Photographs of the Alaska earthquake of 1964.

RUTH HUSEMAN (1985-1988). Tourist Photograph Album; 1937. .2 cu. ft. List. hmc-0623. Midwesterner who toured Western Canada and Southeast Alaska.

Charles K. Hyde slides; 1990-1991. 0.2 cubic feet. hmc-1100. Color slides documenting a study tour of Alaska mining sites by the Society for Industrial Archeology.

Last updated: February 2, 2012

Historical Manuscripts Collection List