Create up to 125 weekly E-mail Alerts from the Search History. A Personal Account is required to set up e-mail alerts.


From the top of any Engineering Village 2 page, click Search History. Select the box next to the search you wish to set up as an alert. If you are not already logged into your Personal Account, you will be prompted to do so. If you are not registered for a Personal Account, you will be asked if you want to register now. (See instructions for registering for a Personal Account).

You can also set up E-mail Alerts from the Saved Searches page if you are logged into your Personal Account.

E-mail alerts can also be setup by clicking the Create e-mail link near each search statement in Easy, Quick, Expert or Thesaurus Search.

Up to 25 records are sent within an e-mail alert. If more records were retrieved from the weekly update, a hyperlink appears in the body of the e-mail alert linking you to Engineering Village 2. The full update retrieval set will appear when you click on the link. You can also link from e-mail alerts to individual records by clicking an Abstract or Detailed Record hyperlink.