Graduate Research Study Carrels

The Consortium Library has 18 individual study carrels available to UAA/APU graduate students to facilitate scholarly research using library resources. These carrels are not intended for use as office space.

  1. UAA/APU graduate students interested in using a carrel can contact the Income Manager’s office (786-1374) to inquire about current availability or wait-list placement. You may also contact the Graduate Carrel administrator by email at
  2. When a carrel becomes available, a student must complete the carrel registration form in the Income Manager’s Office. Students will need to bring proof of registration in a graduate level thesis, dissertation or project class.
  3. Carrel keys are distributed by the Income Manager’s office and require a $25.00 key deposit. Keys are due back to the office before June 1st, at which time the key deposit will be refunded. Keys may not be duplicated.
  4. If the carrel key is not returned before June 1st, you will forfeit the deposit and the opportunity to use the graduate study carrels for the following academic year. If you return the key after the deadline, you will not receive a refund.
  5. All library materials used in the carrel must be checked out through the regular circulation procedure. Carrels are monitored regularly, and reference materials and items not checked out will be removed and re-shelved.
  6. The carrels are not completely enclosed and, therefore, are not secure. The library is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to any materials left in the library carrel.
  7. All library policies apply to study carrels.

Approved by the Management Team - 12/2/04