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Keep Current

The Alaska Medical Library offers two methods to help you keep current in your field.

Search alerts for specific topics of interest.
     A comprehensive search strategy is created for each topic and saved within one or more databases.   As each database is updated, the results are either emailed or mailed to you. Updates usually occur weekly.   Request this service by sending us an email message with your topic(s).

Table of contents for specific journals of interest.
     This service allows patrons to view the tables of contents (TOC) of selected journals. The table of contents is emailed for each journal selected (unless other arrangements are made).   NOTE: Supplying copies of articles for this service is limited by the U.S. Copyright Law.

To begin this service:
    1) Request this service by sending us an email message listing the journal titles you would like to receive.

    2) The initial processing of your request will occur immediately.   We will confirm which titles we can deliver to you.  Receipt of table of contents will depend on how frequently the issues are published.