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How to Register for Loansome Doc

A one-time only registration is required to use the Loansome Doc service. Please review ALL the information on this page. The bold information will be used during the registration process.

You work for a Native-Run Hospital or Clinic

  • Use the library identifier code akuask.
  • No authorization code is required.

You Do Not Work for a Native-Run Hospital or Clinic

  • Use the library identifier akualk.
  • Use akualk as the authorization code.

  1. When you reach the Loansome Doc login page, select SIGN UP.
  2. Select the "skip this step" hyperlink, since you will be ordering from UAA using one of the library identifier codes given above.
  3. Enter your title and choose the category that best fits your relationship to the UAA medical library. Click Continue.
  4. Read and accept the terms of use. Click Continue.
  5. Enter personal information and ordering preferences.
  6. Delivery method can be Web(PDF) or Email(PDF). If a large number of articles are requested on the same day, they will be sent using the Web(PDF) option.
  7. Enter $12 in max cost (often paid by the hospital contract for library services). If you enter $0, you are telling us you DO NOT WANT this item requested from another library.

You are now ready go to the Loansome Doc sign-in page. Complete the registration using the above information.

For information on how to use Loansome Doc to order articles, please visit or call us at 1-888-997-7878 (786-1870 in Anchorage.) We will be happy to introduce you to this service. (Monday-Friday, 8a-5p).