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Alaska Medical Library News is a one-page electronic newsletter with clickable links to medical and health news and resources. Also, check out these other publications from AML!

Past Issues of AML Newsletter

Issue Major Topic(s)
December 2014

Review of Alaska Medical Library resources and services

September-October 2010

Want an easy way to keep current with your favorite journals?

July-August 2010

The forgetting disease: The most critical epidemic facing the 21st century

April-June 2010

Deep vein thrombosis: A very stealthy disease

January-March 2010

Don't let muscles cramp your active lifestyle

October-December 2009

Know your plastics to safeguard your health

August-September 2009

One stroke and you are out

July 2009

The new shingles vaccine: Why push it?

May-June 2009

New crop of online books ready for picking!

April 2009

The H1N1 pandemic: Keeping it in perspective

March 2009

Telemedicine brings specialist care to small Alaska communities

February 2009

Rolfing® Structural Integration: Poised to go mainstream?

January 2009

What's new? Simple steps to stay informed

December 2008

Big changes are coming to PubMed

November 2008

Noise-induced hearing loss - Alaskans are at special risk

October 2008

Nanotechnology: Modern miracle or Pandora's box?

June 2008

Can cell phones destroy your brain?

May 2008

Health information in MANY languages - now on MedlinePlus!

March-April 2008


February 2008

Happy 40th Birthday, HSIS!

January 2008

MRSA in the community: A growing threat to young people

December 2007

Hospital-Acquired infections (HAIs): What you should know

November 2007

Don't underestimate "mild" head injuries

October 2007

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is on the move in Alaska

September 2007

Dreaming of becoming a physician?

August 2007

Alaska's Digital Pipeline: Free articles and more - just for Alaskans!

July 2007

Exposing the great bottled water scam - It's time to wise up!

June 2007

Bionic boomers: Why hip replacements are all the rage

May 2007

Alaska Native suicide: Help turn the tide

April 2007

Depression: Deadlier in spring

March 2007

The power of touch

February 2007

Vitamin D deficiency - an unrecognized but deadly epidemic?

January 2007

The Human Genome Project - what's in it for us?

December 2006

Pilates: The mind-body workout that transforms

November 2006

In your stocking this year: More e-books!

October 2006

Pregnancy and diabetes - a dangerous link!

September 2006

To zap or not to zap - that is the question!

August 2006

HSIS newsletter - Behind the scenes

July 2006

Choose to move for cancer protection and Recovery

June 2006

The untold misery of prostate problems

May 2006

Better than Google? Update on Databases for Alaskans

Cast your vote for new e-books

April 2006

Thumbs up for red wine and chocolate?

March 2006

Colorectal cancer screening: An important test for over 50s

February 2006

Bird flu: What Alaskans need to know

January 2006

Bad blood: The silent epidemic. Are you at risk?

December 2005

Public health: A global effort that protects and promotes the health of communities

November 2005

The perils of multitasking: Is less really more?

October 2005

Finding foreign language health education materials

September 2005

Finding full-text articles online - not for the impatient or faint-hearted!

August 2005

E-books galore -- STAT!Ref and more! Passwords, pins, and registration

July 2005

Focus on domestic violence

June 2005

Online resources - What's new for 2005?

May 2005

Focus on tobacco: Alaska's No.1 health problem

April 2005

Focus on vitamins and minerals

March 2005

Find out what's new at HSIS

February 2005

What's new in PubMed?

January 2005

Focus on repetitive strain injury (RSI)

December 2004

What are your information needs?

November 2004

Focus on palliative care

October 2004

UAA's library of the 21st century becomes a reality

September 2004

Of traditional healing and herb gardens

August 2004

When you need answers fast -- STAT!Ref it! GIDEON update

July 2004

Alaska herbs that harm and heal!

June 2004

GIDEON: Powerful new infectious disease resource

May 2004

Focus on infectious diseases. Announcing GIDEON

April 2004

Low health literacy -- an emerging public health issue!

March 2004

Natural Standard natural medicine database

Breast cancer news and resources

February 2004

Reducing medical errors -- an urgent new priority!

January 2004

Type 2 diabetes in children and young adults: The new epidemic

December 2003

"Tis the season to be SAD!"

November 2003

Focus on the medical library

October 2003

Focus on children with complex medical conditions

HSIS table-of-contents service

September 2003

Focus on aging: A critical issue for us all!

August 2003

Focus on HSIS: A new home and a new direction!

July 2003

PubMed: What is it? What's new on PubMed? PubCrawler

June 2003

Arctic Health website: A brand new resource for northerners

May 2003

Obesity: One of the major health threats of our time

April 2003

Focus on resources for Alaskans

March 2003

STAT!Ref online medical reference library

Borrowing specialized medical books or textbooks

SARS Resources on the Web

January-February 2003

Finding patient education materials for Native Alaskans

November-December 2002

PubMed changes

September-October 2002

Breast Cancer Awareness Month--substantive websites

July-August 2002

National Library of Medicine--services/URL locations

May-June 2002

Reliability of websites

March-April 2002

Finding patient education material

Finding health statistics

January-February 2002

Literature searches

November-December 2001

Arctic Health database


September-October 2001

Using Loansome Doc

July-August 2001

Obtaining information from health-related databases

May-June 2001

Is everything on the 'net?

Full-text journals ... for administrators & nurses

March-April 2001

Autoalerts (SDIs)--automatic updates by medical topic

February 2001

Signing up for table-of-contents service

January 2001

Articles delivered to your computer

MD Consult


December 2000

Keeping up with the literature (table-of-contents service)

Introduction of Stat!Ref and MD Consult service and access