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EYE OF THE BEHOLDER #1 OCTOBER '08: Risk Management

Richard Tighe Harris family image, Juneau, 1885.






Trig Trigiano, Director, Environmental Health, University of Alaska Anchorage

The ladder trick is still used today but usually with a safety hook-up line. The construction of the ladder under current standards is unacceptable for commercial applications and the vertical ladder needs to rise three feet above the roof step-off.  The second floor windows may not be adequately sized under current residential codes for emergency exiting, but I can’t see if there are accommodations on the other side of the house. The chimney height may need to be increased (3 feet above peak) for fire safety (soot line visible) and current code requires the use of metalbestos flues. Overhang eaves are usually required to be 18” minimum (looks like about 6” in picture). Of course, these standards are required for modern commercial construction.

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