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EYE OF THE BEHOLDER #1 OCTOBER '08: Public health

Richard Tighe Harris family image, Juneau, 1885.






Dr. Nancy A. Nix, Assistant Professor of Public Health, College of Health and Social Welfare, University of Alaska Anchorage

In looking at the landscape in this photo, I see urbanization. There doesn’t seem to be much of a pattern or evidence of planning for the housing layout.  The area also appears to have been built up in a relatively short period of time, by looking at the clearcutting there; all of the rough-cut stumps of the former forest.

The house on the hilltop is larger than the others in view, with 2-stories and a picket- fenced front porch. An assumption is that the owner of this house is more affluent or has status in the community.

As for the people in the foreground, I see different generations: children, youth and adult. They are fashionably dressed and appear to be reasonably well-off. What also comes to my attention is acculturation. The young women appear to be indigenous and dressed in “westernized” attire.

Still curious about the ladder on the rooftop, though. Maybe it’s there for roof repair.

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