These photographs were selected by members of the archives staff. They are the most interesting, representative, and/or unusual photographs according to the particular staff member, in other words, their "favorite" images.

The pictures are arranged generally in chronological order. The title, date, photographer, location, and source are identified when available. Also, the reason for the selection is provided. Click on the image title to view the photograph and the text.

Kowak River Native; ca. 1884.
Thomas W. Benham Collection. Series B.

U. S. Revenue Marine Vessel in Sitka Harbor; ca. mid 1880s.
Thomas W. Benham Collection. Series B.

Allen Expedition Members; September 1885.
Fred W. Fickett Collection. Series VIII B.

Fred Wildon Fickett; September 1885. 
Fred W. Fickett Collection. Series VIII B.

R. T. Harris and Family; 1889.
Richard Tighe Harris Family Collection. Series 6.

Captains Glenn and Kulp; 1898.
Edwin F. Glenn Collection. Series 1.

McKinley Avenue in Valdez; ca. Winter 1900.
Frederick John Date Collection. Series 2. Album 1.

"Eaglelites;" 1904.
Clarence L. Andrews Collection. Series 1.

Snow Train in Southcentral Alaska; ca. 1905.
Frederick John Date Collection. Series 3.

Captain Roald Amundsen in Eagle, Alaska; 1905.
Clarence L. Andrews Collection. Series 1.

Princess May Wrecked on Sentinel Island, Alaska; August 5th, 1910.
Howard & Mabel Jonish Collection. Series 6.

Russian Orthodox Cathedral; ca. 1910.
John Hellenthal Collection. Series 6.

Fourth of July Foot Race at Kodiak; July 4, 1915.
National Geographic Society. Katmai Expedition. Album 1.

Building an Igloo for the Movie Eskimo; November 1932.
Michael Phillip Collection. Series 3h.

Drawing for 40 Acre Lots in the Matanuska Valley; May 23, 1935.
Almer J. Peterson Collection.

Bob Reeve at "Mudville;" ca. 1937.
Russell Dow Collection. Series 14i.

South Drift Crew Mucking Out; 1939.
Russell Dow collection. Series 14f.

Whittier Tunnel Holing Through Ceremony; November 20, 1942.
Benjamin B. Talley Collection. Part 7; Series 2.

Lorene Harrison at a Sunday Night Sing-a-Long, USO, Anchorage; 1942-1945.
Peter R. & Beulah Marrs Parisi Collection. Series 2.

Rusty Dow and Her Army Truck; 1944.
Rusty Dow Collection. Series 11f.

J. C. Penney's Store in Anchorage, Alaska; April 1964.
Robert and Wilma Knox Collection. Series 12.

Karl Eid with Sen. and Mrs.Bartlett; May 1965.
Karl Eid Collection. Series 4b.

Governor's Picnic; 1964.
Christine McClain Collection. Series 15a.

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