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Kowak River Native; ca. 1884.

Image from the Archives Collection

Thomas W. Benham Collection. Series B.

The photographer was Lt. C. D. Kennedy of the U. S. Revenue Marine. The picture appears as an engraving in the published report of the voyage of the U. S. Revenue Marine Steamer Thomas Corwin in 1884. The title given above appears in the report. The general location (Kowak River) is identified by the picture caption as well as by another engraving which shows the man in a group identified as "Natives at Sheshalik, Kotzebue Sound."

Reason for Selection: This is an interesting chance portrait of an elderly resident of the Sheshalik area. A note on the reverse side of this original print states: "This old man put his head in the instrument and Lieut. Kennedy pulled the string quickly and here is the result." (DFW)

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