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Whittier Tunnel Holing Through Ceremony; November 20, 1942.

Image from the Archives Collection

Benjamin B. Talley Collection. Part 7; Series 2.

This is a U. S. Army Signal Corps Photograph. The picture was taken in the Whittier Tunnel. The photograph contains several interesting people. Among these are Lt. Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner, Commander in Chief of the Army in Alaska (third from the right); Col. Benjamin B. Talley, head of military construction in Alaska (second from the right); and Rusty Dow, the only woman in the party (far left).

Reason for Selection: This photograph documents one of many accomplishments of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in Alaska under the command of Col. (later Brig. Gen.) B. B. Talley in World War II. Not only were they significant in the successful prosecution of the war but they had a lasting impact on the future development of Alaska. The UAA archives has the papers of B. B. Talley and Rusty Dow, as well as of several others relating to World War II in Alaska. (JS)

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