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General: Those researchers wishing to publish photographs, audio/visual materials, and other materials from those collections in Archives and Special Collections for which the University of Alaska owns the property rights and/or copyright, must have the written approval of the UAA Archives and Special Collections to do so. All usage of reproduced, copied, or quoted material must use the citation provided by the Archives.

Permission to publish materials from the collections of the University of Alaska Anchorage, Archives and Special Collections Department, when approved, is granted for one-time, nonexclusive use. The person making the request (publisher, editor, or author) shall furnish the University of Alaska Anchorage, Archives and Special Collections Department, without charge, one copy of the publication (book, article, periodical, or TV production, etc.) in which the copied material appears.The University of Alaska Anchorage, Archives and Special Collections Department reserves the right to deny any request if the intended use is contrary to the purpose of our program.

Commercial Use Fee Schedule: Use fees are charged for the commercial use of copied photographic materials (photographs, slides, film, video, etc.) and audio materials (interviews, speeches, music, etc.) from the collections in the UAA Archives and Special Collections. Commercial use is here defined as any publication, exhibit, or similar use for which a monetary profit accrues to those persons involved in the effort (includes public and private museums that have an admission charge). The fees do not apply to publications which are distributed free to the public. Nonprofit organizations are exempt from this fee schedule upon presentation of their tax exempt identification number. Please note: commercial use fees are not a copyright licensing fee and are based upon our ownership and care for the item. If you have any questions as to which fees apply to your use of the item, please contact us.

NOTE: The following publication fee charges are per image or item used in a publication. They are in addition to the regular reproduction fees.


1. Books, videotapes, CD ROM, etc. (per edition)

Number of Copies Cost per Print
Up to 5,000 $10.00
5,000 to 10,000 $15.00
10,000 to 25,000 $25.00
Over 25,000 $50.00

2. Magazines and other serials (per issue)

Number of Copies Circulated Cost per Print
Up to 5,000 $10.00
5,000 to 10,000 $15.00
10,000 to 50,000 $20.00
50,000 to 100,000 $35.00
Over 100,000 $60.00

3. Special Uses and Services

Useage Type Cost per Print
Annual reports and promotional literature:
(Doesn't apply to an organization using images from its own records)
Commercial motion picture or television: $20.00
Commercial slide presentation:          $20.00
Advertising (per ad): $20.00
Book jacket use (per edition): $20.00
Commercial internet use (low-resolution image only): $10.00

Use fees are not charged for non-commercial internet use. Archives will provide only low-resolution images (under 100 ppi) for any internet use.

4. Exhibit Use and Fee Schedule

Useage Type Cost per Print
Commercial decorative display
(Office, store, restaurant):
Non-commercial decorative display: $10.00
Use of UAA Archives developed displays: $100.00 per display.
(Note: educational use at UAA or APU is free of charge; damaged materials must be replaced by the user at a charge of $15.00 to $30.00 per item.)

5. Film and Video Commercial Use Fee Schedule

*This fee schedule is for a one time use of film or video materials in a single production.

Commercial Use:

TV, Pay/Cable Transmission, Video, CD-ROM (per each item or reel, per each use)

Broadcast Area Per Minute Charge
(30 sec. Minimum)
Charge Per
Additional Second
State/Local $240.00 $4.00
National/World $600.00 $10.00
Non-Broadcast $180.00 $3.00
VideoCassette, CD, or other media $240.00 $4.00

Screen Credit

Name of Collection
Archives and Special Collections
Consortium Library
University of Alaska Anchorage


A use agreement must be signed and returned before footage is released. Requests for reuse or change must be submitted in writing. A minimum 30 second use fee (commercial or non-profit) is required. This fee is non-refundable and due when the film is ordered. Any special handling fees or expenses that may arise will be charged to the patron. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Mission, Policies, & Forms