Ordinary and Extraordinary Lives of Alaskan Women, 1880-1960


Promoting the public good is an important part of any community’s life. Sometimes these efforts are arranged by governmental bodies or by individuals or organizations interested in specific elements of public welfare.

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Juneau, 1947. The staff of the Alaska Dept. of Public Welfare pose for this group portrait on the steps of the capital building. Back row (L-R): Nancy Cameron, Merrilyn Olson, Edith Monroe and Kenneth Foresman. Front row (L-R): Ruth Cameron, Nan Blaha, Phoebe Virgin, Sadie Billis, Alice Braudebury Schnee, and Elsie Hind. Seated: Henry A. Harmon.
[Hans and Margaret Hafemeister papers, HMC-0126]

Anchorage, April 5, 1955. The poster girl for the Alaska Crippled Children’s Association poses with Easter lilies, sold as a fund-raiser. The photograph is set in the ACCA’s Gilded Cage gift shop. [Alaska Crippled Children’s Association.
[Helen Beirne’s files, HMC-0490]

Noorvik, ca 1921-1923. Hospital staff meet health care needs in remote towns and villages. Noorvik had a large two-story building for a hospital at this time.
[Philip and Retta Reed papers, HMC-0401]

Anchorage, 1950s. Women gather donations for a cancer charity.
[Christine McClain papers, HMC-0370]

Anchorage, ca. 1941-1945. The women’s council meets to plan USO activities.
[Peter R. and Beulah Marrs Parisi papers, HMC-0445]

Eagle, ca. 1899-1905. The gardeners proudly pose with tools in hand. Note the woman on the left with the large watering can.
[Frederick John Date papers, photographs and artifacts, HMC-0379]


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