Ordinary and Extraordinary Lives of Alaskan Women, 1880-1960


Whether it be formal or informal schooling, society’s youngest members or for those of various ages, education is an integral part of community life in most places.

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Seward, March 11, 1946. Berta Vaughn, school teacher, poses with her kindergarten students for the class portrait.
[Seward Church of Christ Member Family photograph album, HMC-0632]

Near Savoonga, ca. 1938-1941. A young girl skins reindeer from a community herd. The butchering is a group effort and event in which skills are passed to the youngest members of the community.
[O. C. and Ruth Connelly photograph album, HMC-0562]

Anchorage, ca. 1941. The photographer captioned this photo: “Bevy and Polly in Nite School.” Beverley Pettyjohn and Polly Petty sit in class.
[Peter R. and Beulah Marrs Parisi papers, HMC-0445]


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