Copy Cards

If you do not have a Wolfcard, you can buy a card from the Value Transfer Station in the library's Copy Room. The cost is $1 for the card itself and you must add at least $1 in value to start printing or copying.

The Value Transfer Station will prompt you through the process.

Cardholder ActionDisplay
Select "Purchase Copy Card" from the menu. WOULD YOU LIKE A RECEIPT?  YES/NO
Press the button indicated for Yes or No. INSERT BILLS BELOW
Insert $1 to pay for the card and insert the additional amount you wish to deposit.   No change will be issued. $XX.00 ACCEPTED.  INSERT ADDITIONAL BILLS OR PRESS WHEN ALL BILLS ENTERED
When you have entered all bills, press the indicated button. PROCESSING
When the transaction is completed at the host system, a message will appear. AFTER THE CARD IS DISPENSED, IT MUST BE SWIPED TO ACTIVATE, PRESS TO DISPENSE CARD
Press the button and wait for the card. PLEASE SWIPE CARD
Swipe the card with mag-stripe to the right.  
The new card is now ready to use.  Its value will equal the amount you deposited less the $1.00 purchase fee.
VTS machine