Subject Liaison Librarians

Program Names Faculty Liaison
Accounting Ruth Terry
Alaska Center for Rural Health Sigrid Brudie
Anthropology Ralph Courtney
ARLIS (Alaska Resources Library and Information Services) Juli Braund-Allen
Art Juli Braund-Allen
Aviation - Collection Development Connie Thomas
Aviation - Instruction Deborah Mole
Biological Sciences Daria O. Carle
Business Administration Ruth Terry
Canadian Studies Robin Hanson
Center for Human Development Sigrid Brudie
Chemistry Daria O. Carle
Communication Deborah Mole
Computer Information Systems - College of Business Ruth Terry
Computer Science Mike Robinson
Creative Writing Anna Bjartmarsdottir
CTC - Apprentice Technologies Robin Hanson
CTC - Architectural & Engineering Technology Robin Hanson
CTC - Auto & Diesel Technology Robin Hanson
CTC - Career and Technical Education Jennifer McKay
CTC - Computer Electronics, Systems, Technology, Telecommunications Mike Robinson
CTC - Construction Management Robin Hanson
CTC - Culinary Arts, Hospitality Robin Hanson
CTC - Preparatory English Anna Bjartmarsdottir
CTC - Welding Robin Hanson
Dance Robin Hanson
Economics Ruth Terry
Education Jennifer McKay
Engineering Daria O. Carle
English Anna Bjartmarsdottir
Environment and Natural Resources Institute Juli Braund-Allen
Geography & Environmental Studies Daria O. Carle
Geology Daria O. Carle
Geomatics Daria O. Carle
Government Information Ruth Terry
Grants and Foundations Deborah Mole
Guidance Anna Bjartmarsdottir
Health, Physical Education & Recreation Sigrid Brudie
History Ralph Courtney
Honors Program Daria O. Carle
Human Services Ralph Courtney
Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies Sigrid Brudie
Institute of Social and Economic Research Ruth Terry
Journalism and Public Communications Deborah Mole
Justice Center Page Brannon
Languages Christie Ericson
Liberal Studies Juli Braund-Allen
Linguistics - Anthropology Ralph Courtney
Linguistics - English Anna Bjartmarsdottir
Logistics Ruth Terry
Maps Rebecca Moorman
Mathematical Sciences and Statistics Daria O. Carle
Medicine Kathy Murray
Military Science and ROTC Robin Hanson
Music Ralph Courtney
Native Studies Nancy Lesh
Nursing Kathy Murray
Occupational Safety & Health Connie Thomas
Outdoor Studies Robin Hanson
Philosophy Juli Braund-Allen
Physics & Astronomy Daria O. Carle
Political Science - Collection Development Connie Thomas
Political Science - Instruction Deborah Mole
Psychology Ralph Courtney
Public Administration Ruth Terry
Religious Studies Juli Braund-Allen
School of Allied Health, Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Dietetics and Nutrition, Fire and Emergency Services, Medical Assisting, Medical Laboratory Technology, Pharmacy Technology, Physical Therapy, Radiologic Technology Sigrid Brudie
Small Business Development Center Ruth Terry
Social Work Ralph Courtney
Sociology Ralph Courtney
Student Health Center Sigrid Brudie
Theater Robin Hanson
Women’s Studies Connie Thomas