Code of Conduct

All library users are expected to respect the rights of others, the integrity of library resources, and the scholarly mission of the library. For further guidance, see also the UAA Student Code of Conduct and the UAA Faculty Handbook.

  1. Treat others with respect and civility.
  2. Use library resources within the guidelines presented here, as well as those in the library’s Computer Use Policy.
  3. Cooperate with library employees.
  4. Leave the library at closing and limit use to authorized areas only.

Study & Collaboration

The library is a space for both individual study and collaboration with others. Your behavior in the library can have an impact on library users and staff; please be respectful.

Access to Resources

Your use of library materials, equipment and space should not unduly interfere with the rights of others to access these shared resources. Do not:

Personal Belongings

Personal belongings left unattended may be moved to the lost and found at the main Circulation Desk. Library employees may refer unattended items of potential concern to campus police.

Health & Safety

The library has some basic rules to keep everyone safe and healthy. Do not:

Sanctions for Non-Compliance

Library users in violation of this Code of Conduct may be asked to present identification; may be subject to a search of backpacks or bags; may be directed to leave the premises and not return to any library facilities for the day; may be reported to the University Police Department; and/or may be trespassed from the Consortium Library or campus. Disciplinary or legal action may also be taken in accordance with applicable laws and policies.


Questions about this policy should be directed to Steve Rollins, Dean, UAA/APU Consortium Library, 3211 Providence Dr., Anchorage, AK 99508 (email, phone 907-786-1825).