Computers, Internet & Wireless


The library has over 40 computers located in open areas of the first and second floors for research and educational purposes. These computers provide access to online catalogs, article databases, full-text resources, and scholarly websites for for UAA/APU students, faculty, and staff as well as the general public.

The library computers have Chrome, Firefox and MS Office and can print with a Wolf card or copy card.

In addition to the library computers, there is an ITS open computer lab with additional software for UAA students located on the first floor of the library.



UAA/APU users can borrow laptops and other technology at the library.

Internet Access

UAA/APU users can access the open Internet with their university credentials on any library computer with no time limit.

The general public can use the Guest Browser on any library computer to conduct research with no time limit. The Guest Browser is restricted to the library website, subscription resources, and government websites.

The general public can access the Internet up to 60 minutes per day by logging into one of the 5 designated public computers near the Reference Desk on the first floor of the the Consortium Library. Login requires a library card number and PIN from the Anchorage Public Library or any other library in the Alaska Library Catalog. Guest with no local public library card can register for an Internet-Only library card at the circulation desk. The public computers are available on a first come, first serve basis.


Wireless Internet connectivity is available throughout the Consortium Library building with no time limit.

UAA WiFi - Anchorage
Requires UAA username and password. This network has better speed than the Guest network and only needs to be configured once for use on your device using WPA2 Enterprise technology.
UAA WiFi - Guest
Anyone can use this network to access library subscription resources and basic Internet. This network has speed and security restrictions. After opening a web browser you will be directed to a login portal that includes the option to create a guest account. Username and password for the new account is sent to the email address and cell phone number (optional) provided during registration. Visit the reference desk if you need help accessing your email to get your credentials.
Note 3-21-23: After login with the guest credentials, the browser may display an invalid certificate message. This is due to a technical error which has been reported to UAA ITS for resolution. If you tell the browser to trust the certificate, you can then access the Internet.
APU WiFi - Anchorage
The wifi in the library was upgraded with better speed, strength, and capacity. Due to the upgrade, the APU Wifi - Anchorage access point is not available. We are working with UAA ITS to restore this service. In the mean time, APU students can use the new UAA Wifi - Guest access point which has better speed than the old APU access point. Guest accounts will be good for 2 months during the transition.

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