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Is my source primary or secondary?

Determining whether a given source is primary or secondary can be difficult sometimes.  And, just to make things more confusing, in a few cases a source can be both!

Consult the Library Guide, Primary or Secondary?, listed on the Get Help page to help you decide.

Also check out this blog post from the Library’s Archives and Special Collections about the Odlin Letter, a source that is both primary and secondary.

If you need more help, ask us!


Citing Sources

Does the citing part of writing scare you? Do you feel like you are never quite sure when and how to cite your sources in an assignment?

The library is here to help!  Learn how to read a citation and how to properly cite in APA, MLA or Chicago citation styles in our new guide: Citing Sources.

If you need further assistance, please contact a UAA/APU Consortium Librarian.