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Chat, Text, Email, Phone–Contact us if you need help today!

Campus maybe closed today, but you can still get help. The Information and Research Help Desk will be open remotely today from 9am to 8pm, Thursday, December 15. You can get help from our librarians via chat, email, text, or phone:

This service is available on a regular basis, as well. Reach out if you need help, we are available.

Driving in the Snow

Driving in the snow can be tricky and living in Alaska it is important to know how to do so safely. Is your car ready for the snow? Here are a couple of things that you can do to get your car ready.

  • Ensuring that your car is up to date with its maintenance schedule. This includes tire rotation, winter tires, and oil changes.
  • Using the VIN number of the vehicle to look up any safety issues or recalls.
  • Having the right tire pressure for the vehicle.

Graphic of cars on a roadway with a list of winter weather tips. Those tips are in the body text of the corresponding post.