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eBooks in the Reference Collection

We have been purchasing ebooks for the Reference Collection for some time now, but this past year we have been selecting ebooks over books when possible. Here are a few interesting ebook titles we’ve added in recent months; search on their titles in the Library Catalog to find the links:

Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability (in 10 vols.)
Handbook of Psychology (in 12 vols.; from Wiley)
Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing (4 vols.; from Sage)
Historical Dictionary of Tibet
Historical Dictionary of Afghanistan, 4th ed.
Bloggers Boot Camp
Encyclopedia of Arthritis
Almanac of American Politics 2012
Cities, Cultural Policies, and Governance
Princeton Encyclopedia of Islamic Political Thought
A Green Vitruvius: Principles and Practice of Sustainable Architectural Design
Civil War Naval Encyclopedia
American Indians and Popular Culture
Substance Abuse in America: A Documentary and Reference Guide
Brazil Today: an Encyclopedia of Life in the Republic
History of American Presidential Elections, 1789-2008
Mexican Political Biographies, 1935-2009
Open Access

Are you feeling STRESSED ?

Are RESEARCH PAPERS looming on the horizon ?

Are you having problems selecting a RESEARCH topic ?

Are you unable to find library resources about your topic ?

Are you frustrated by the RESEARCH process in general ?

Would you like some HELP with any/all of your RESEARCH needs ?

If you answered YES to any/all of the above . . . . . . .

HELP IS HERE . . . . . . .

1     Go to the Consortium Library Web Site (

2     Click on “RESEARCH HELP”  (top of lower left box)

3     Click on “More Resources”  (lower right of page)

4     Click on “Subject Liaison Librarians”

5     Choose from the alphabetized “Program Name” list  (for example: history or music)

6     Contact the librarian/RESEARCH consultant, and schedule an appointment

Calling All Art Appreciation and Art History Students!

If you’re working on a paper or project and need an overview of the life and works of one or more artists, don’t overlook the great information and vast number of images contained in the Oxford Dictionary of Art. Written by nearly 7,000 experts from around the world, it includes more than 45,000 topics about art, artists, art critics, art collectors, and anything else connected to the world of art. If you look up an artist by name, you’ll find a brief introduction placing the artist in context, followed by a longer essay that includes a list and discussion of works, as well as a bibliography for further information.

To search the dictionary, just go to the Oxford Reference Collection. Enjoy!

"Cosmic Synchromy," 1913-1914, by Morgan Russell.

“Cosmic Synchromy,” 1913-1914, by Morgan Russell.