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Printing in the Consortium Library is a common question in the Consortium Library. This includes questions on printing in color or black & white. How and where to print as well as the cost of printing. Each UAA student attending classes will receive a credit of $15.00 at the beginning of each semester, it will not roll over to another semester. The staff at the Consortium Library can assist you with further questions regarding printing, just ask us.

Do College Students Still Need to Buy Their Own Printer? | Tom's Guide

Computer/Internet Access

Computer and Internet Access is a common question that we have in the Consortium Library. There are many computers located on the first and second floor of the library for UAA/APU students and staff to use. The computers located on the first floor by the reference desk have internet access that is available to the public. Other computers in the library are accessible to students and staff using

If you have your personal laptop and wish to use the internet, you can connect to UAA WiFi and use your UAA username and password to do so. If you are a guest of the library, use UAA WiFi. 
Internet access is no longer a luxury, so everyone's got to get connected - Chicago Sun-Times

Teacher Appreciation Day

Teachers play a role in leading today’s generation for tomorrow. They are role models and shape the growing minds to be able to tackle greater things. It is with a teacher that a child is able to establish stepping stones to education. Those stepping stones lead to the path that they will one day become and answer that question of “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Leaders in education help in how this question is answered.

May 2 is Teacher Appreciation Day. Just saying Thank You to a teacher can change someone’s day.

A note of appreciation for what teachers do