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Bears?! In the library?

The first Saturday in June is National Black Bear Day, and while that might seem like an odd thing for a library to celebrate, the Consortium Library’s partner institution, Alaska Resources Library & Information Services, or ARLIS, might be one of the only libraries that includes a black bear in its catalog

Photo from Nalewicki, Jennifer. “This Library in Anchorage Lends out Taxidermic Specimens.” Smithsonian Magazine, 18 Apr. 2019, Accessed 2 June 2024.

Together, the Consortium Library and ARLIS offer numerous resources for those studying animal biology and wildlife management, including the databases Web of Science, which provides extensive scientific scholarly literature, and Zoological Record, which is the world’s leading taxonomic reference and the oldest continuing database of animal biology.

Check out the Biological Sciences Guide for further resources if you’re interested in biology!