Calling All Art Appreciation and Art History Students!

If you’re working on a paper or project and need an overview of the life and works of one or more artists, don’t overlook the great information and vast number of images contained in the Oxford Dictionary of Art. Written by nearly 7,000 experts from around the world, it includes more than 45,000 topics about art, artists, art critics, art collectors, and anything else connected to the world of art. If you look up an artist by name, you’ll find a brief introduction placing the artist in context, followed by a longer essay that includes a list and discussion of works, as well as a bibliography for further information.

To search the dictionary, just go to the Oxford Reference Collection. Enjoy!

"Cosmic Synchromy," 1913-1914, by Morgan Russell.

“Cosmic Synchromy,” 1913-1914, by Morgan Russell.