LibQUAL Survey

Are there some changes you would like to see in the services, facilities and resources provided by the UAA/APU Consortium Library based on your own experiences? Take this opportunity and a few moments of your time to fill out the survey form provided in these links and be heard!



We conduct this survey every three years. More than 1,200 libraries have participated in LibQUAL+, including college and university libraries and community college libraries. This internationally recognized survey, administered by the Association of Research Libraries, is our primary tool used to assess users’ perceptions of library services, collections, and space. It allows us to compare our performance with that of peer institutions, as well as tracking users’ satisfaction over time, comparing results with our earlier surveys. It gives our library users a chance to tell us where our services need improvement so we can respond to and better manage their expectations. We pay close attention to survey results, including user comments, and have used LibQUAL Survey results to guide changes we’ve made in recent years.

Thank you.