Learning Express

Learning Express by Ebsco (the same company that brings you Academic Search Premiere) is an amazing resource offered through the Alaskan Library Network that can help you excel in all your classes and even meet personal goals.

Learning Express is a wealth of tutorials and instructional materials on a wide array of subjects. From brushing up on computer basics, to improving your conversation Spanish skills, to finding scholarships: Learning Express has it all. To access Learning Express, visit our page https://consortiumlibrary.org/, and then select the Databases link under the “Find Books & Articles” header. From the Database list select L, and then click on “Learning Express.”

The resources Learning Express offers are broken down into ten centers. Here are a few that are especially useful for students.

Career Preparation offers assistants in prepping for career specific exams, from nursing and social work to air traffic control. It also includes guidance on work place skills.

Job Acceleration helps match you with your dream career by providing information on different occupations and can even help locate jobs and internships in different fields, as well as tools to get hired. It also includes a scholarship finder.

College Students provides tools to brush up on and advance in fields including math, reading, writing and science. It offers preparation for college placement exams, graduate entrance exams, and CLEP exams in subjects such as American history, Government practices, literature, and humanities.

-Student Success Tools includes college level resources to improve your classroom success, keep you organized and help you reach personal goals.

Computer Skills Center, whether you just want to learn the basics, want to navigate the internet better, or are looking to learn how to create computer graphics and illustration, or dive into your computers operating systems, this is a great place to start.