Citation, Citation, Citation

Citations are a big deal in academia. You want to be sure you carefully credit other scholars for the information they impart. Not only that, but there can be serious consequences for plagiarism, intentional or not. Fortunately, there are some citation resources available to you to make your bibliography as easy as possible.


First, if you’re unsure how to cite in the style your professor has requested, the library has many style guides available. Here are the APA guide, the Chicago Manual of Style, and the MLA handbook.

If you want online help, check out Purdue OWL. This is a resource created by Purdue University to provide step-by-step citation help for Chicago, MLA, APA, IEEE, and AMA styles.

Grad students and faculty can easily find themselves overwhelmed by the number of sources they have. There are a number of tools that can help you track and organize your sources and sometimes even help generate a bibliography. In fact, your library card gets you access to the freemium version of RefWorks. Learn more about citation tools in this LibGuide here.

The Writing Center at UAA is another great resource if you’re feeling lost about citations.

Finally, check out this guide to citations here. You don’t ever have to feel lost if you know where to find your information!