Writing a persuasive essay? Try this database!

Scenario: you’re assigned a persuasive essay on a real world issue, a speech where you have to argue a point, or you’re in a class debate. You need to find sources, but how are you going to find some basic info on your topic? Surely someone else has had to research this already, right?

You're right gif

You’re right, they have!

The Points of View Reference Center is available using your Blackboard login credentials, or whenever you’re on campus WiFi.

Here, you can find basic descriptions of common debate topics. There are also brief arguments for various sides and perspectives on hot-button issues. There’s information on abortion, health care, gay rights, animal welfare, the military, immigration, race, and much, much more. Basically, if it’s a topic that could stir up drama at an extended family dinner, you can find sources here!

So get to grips with your argument and read short summaries of different perspectives. It’s a great way to understand what you want to say/write better!