NoveList: The Best Database You Didn’t Know You Needed

Have you ever finished reading a book that was so good you just couldn’t put it down? But then the book ended and the sequel wasn’t being published for another few months? What do you do in the meantime, just stop reading? No! You try to find another great book to read, and NoveList can help you find that next great read!

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At its core, NoveList can recommend you a book based on another book or author you type into the search bar. It breaks books down into various genres, themes, and ideas and helps you find something similar. Take for example a book I just finished, The Time It Never Rained, by Elmer Kelton about a cattle rancher in 1919, faced with losing his farm, land, and cattle due to a 6-year drought.

As you can see on the side, NoveList already has a list of titles it thinks I’ll enjoy next, including The Range War of 82′, and Rio Tinto. However, if I scroll down the page just a bit, I can search again using some key terms that identify specific thinks about the novel I liked. Selecting the key words and searching again gives me even more titles to enjoy!

NoveList Key Words

Keep refining your search with the tools available to find the perfect book for you! If we don’t have a copy available at the UAA/APU Consortium Library, make sure to place a hold on the book. Your library card can get you books from other libraries across the state, so no need to miss out on your next favorite book!

Happy reading!