Women’s History Month – Week 3

As we move into the middle of March and continue our mini book displays, lets shift focus and view the contributions through the lens of a very specific database all UAA students, staff, and faculty have access to. Meet the Press is a digital archive of the television program of the same name, created in 1947 by Martha Roundtree, the first and only female moderator of the show. The show features interviews with politicians from all sides of the political spectrum, frequently one-on-one, but sometimes interviews with multiple politicians in a round table style discussion.

When you first enter the database, there will be a selection of clips on the right-hand side hat you can select from to watch. If there is a specific date, politician, or topic you would like to see, select the red filter button above the videos to open a menu that will let you change parameters.

After selecting a video, controls are similar to other video player websites. At the top of the video, you get an option to enable transcripts, view more details of the video, or create personal clips of the video to save for viewing later.

For viewing enjoyment, here are a few clips of interest.

Interview with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on October 23, 2011 on the withdraw of U.S. Troops from Iraq

Interview by Martha Roundtree with John F. Kennedy on November 9, 1952 on Kennedys new appointment as Senator of Massachusetts

Interview with Senator Bob Dole on July 22, 1984 on the selection of Geraldine Ferraro as Walter Mondale’s running mate, making her the first female vice-president nominee

Roundtable Interview with Carol Moseley-Braun, Nancy Pelosi, Marge Roukema, and Anne Northup on February 8, 1998 regarding Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton

Interview on June 10, 1951 with Frieda Hennock, the first female commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission