Share the love and stay cozy this Valentine’s Day season

February is here and like every February, the supermarkets are filling their shelves with flower bouquets, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, and Valentine’s Day cards. This red, pink, and chocolate overload might inspire you to find a Valentine’s Day-themed book to read when your brain needs a break from more scholarly material. If you are not feeling motivated and are homebound due to cold and snowy weather, do not fret because the Alaska Digital Library has you covered. There is no need to check out a book in person; find a cozy title online and read it digitally at For inspiration for a loved one’s Valentine’s Day card, check out the Consortium’s Library’s Creative Writing & Literary Arts LibGuide, and if you feel like your life is lacking in poetry, explore poem-a-day feature. And lastly, a friendly reminder from the UAA Consortium’s Library’s Reference Desk: the UAA Learning Commons is now located in the library. For more information, click on