Celia Hartz

February 15, 2024

So, what Is the Testing Center? The UAA Testing Center is where you can take professionally administered exams and tests. They can help you with the big ones like the ACT, GED, and SAT or something a little different like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The Testing Center is a member of the National College Testing Association whose goal is to offer exams that assist with academic and professional advancement. 

Great! Who can use it? The UAA Testing Center is available to students and the larger community. There is a wide variety of exams available such as the TOEFL and FAA exams or even general proctoring services! A full list of the 20+ available exams is on their site!

How do I schedule an appointment? If you are looking to take an exam at the UAA Testing Center you would schedule an appointment here – fill it out and get ready for exam day! The UAA Testing Center is open Tuesday through Saturday, with slightly different hours per day to accommodate some early evening schedules! Check here to find hours that work for you.

Ok! So how do I get there and what do I need to bring? Finding the UAA Testing Center can be a bit tricky. The main goal is to make your way to the main stairwell by the Foucault Pendulum and then follow the signs to the second floor and Suite 215 from there. You also need to be sure to bring a current ID – some exams require two forms of ID or a testing exam ticket, be sure to check what your specific exam requires before heading out.

If you have other questions you can give them a call or drop by, there are tons of resources outside of the UAA Testing Center. Good luck!