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Celebrating Alaska Native and Native American Heritage Month

In 1990, President George H. W. Bush signed into law a joint resolution recognizing November as “National American Indian Heritage Month“, also known as Alaska Native and Native American Heritage Month, in order to recognize the “essential and unique contribution[s]” that Native Americans have made “to our nation . . . [and] to the world”.

The Consortium Library offers many resources to help us celebrate and research the culture, history, trials, and contributions of Alaska Natives and Native Americans. It also collects works by Alaska Native authors and illustrators.

Many resources specific to Alaska are located in the Alaskana collection on the second floor of the library. In addition, there are numerous online resources that SLED provides access to via their list of Native and Indigenous Peoples resources.

If you’re interested in an overview of the many books, e-books, journal articles, DVDs, and streaming videos provided by the Consortium library or in resources about Alaska Native and Native American languages, check out our Alaska Native / Native American Heritage Month Guide.

It is our hope that these resources will assist our community as we grow in awareness of the cultures, traditions, and heritage of indigenous peoples, particularly here in Alaska.

Comfort Foods and Holiday Feasts

As the semester winds down, perhaps your thoughts are turning to comfort foods and holiday feasting.

Did you know that the UAA/APU Consortium library collection includes a large cookbook collection? If you’d like to take a break from your studies by spending some time in the kitchen, we have lots of inspiration for you!

A quick search of the Consortium Library Catalog will help you find these resources. You can limit your search to just books in the UAA/APU Consortium. Searching by subject terms will also be helpful. Subject searches for “seasonal cooking“, “holiday cooking“, or for a particular holiday plus the phrase “cooking” (i.e., “Kwanzaa cooking” or “Christmas cooking“, etc.) will yield results that will send you running to the kitchen.

Want some recipes using Alaskan foods? Try searching “cooking – Alaska” or “food – Alaska“. You’ll find recipes with salmon, halibut, berries, and many other traditional foods. A search for “wild plants, edible – Alaska” or “cooking – game” will provide multiple cookbooks with Alaskan recipes. 

Enjoy your time in the kitchen, and happy eating!

Midterm Exams: The Library is Here to Help!

Midterm exams are upon us: the most hectic time of the semester! You’re not alone, though. The library has lots of resources to help you prepare for your exams, research your papers, and even find a quiet spot to focus.

If you are in need of resources for a research assignment, remember that you can ask us for assistance! Librarians are available to answer your questions and help you quickly navigate thousands of resources every day of the week! You can email your questions, text (907) 312-1024, or chat a librarian. You can also call (907) 786-1848.

Are you more of a self-starter? The library has guides on a multitude of diverse topics that will point you in the right direction!

We can give you tips for those tricky citations, assist you in narrowing down your topic, or find that perfect article or book!

Stressed and overwhelmed? Just need a quiet place to concentrate? Don’t forget that the library has both group and individual study rooms available on a first come, first serve basis.

Source: QuickMeme

Best of luck with your exams! We’re proud of all that you’ve done so far!

Indigenous Peoples’ Day

This October 9th, both UAA and APU recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day. 

APU will host an Indigenous Peoples’ Day celebration from noon to 2:00 pm at Moseley Sports Center. RSVP in advance! UAA will host an Interactive Clan Game to learn more about the clan-based Tlingit society.

Here at the library, we offer numerous resources by and about Alaska’s indigenous peoples. Check out the Alaska Native Studies guide for lists of resources on Alaska Native languages, politics, business, community, culture, and history, as well as resources that are specific to UAA and APU, such as the Alaska Native Student Services.

It’s Alaska Book Week!

Alaska Book Week takes place this week, from October 1 – 8. It features both live events and virtual presentations throughout the state, including multiple events here in Anchorage. Check out the list of daily events here

Some of them are on APU’s campus, including the October 4th discussion An Evening with Lily Tuzroyluke and Sarah Birdsall at APU’s Carr-Gottstein Lecture Hall at 7:00 pm. Curious about books by these authors? The Consortium Library’s Alaskana Collection on the second floor includes several copies of works by Sarah Birdsall, which you can find through the library catalog. You can also put Lily Tuzroyluke’s book Sivulliq on hold.

On October 5th, in Carr-Gottstein room 102 at 5:30 pm, APU professor Dr. David Scheel will host a reading from his new book, Many Things Under a Rock: The Mysteries of OctopusesThe library has several of Dr. Scheel’s books, videos, and articles available.

Lily Tuzroyluke and Sarah Birdsall will also join authors Lori Townsend and David G. Brown on October 5th for a discussion on writing Alaskan fiction at Writer’s Block Bookstore. If you are interested in other talks by these authors, recordings of discussions by Lori Townsend and David G. Brown are available on ScholarWorks, the University of Alaska repository for works by faculty, staff, and students.

Enjoy this week’s celebration of Alaska’s books and authors!