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June 19, 1865 it is the day that enslaved African Americans learned of their freedom in West Texas, and it is the oldest African American celebration. One way to observe Juneteenth is to read about the Emancipation Proclamation that helped in the freedom of slaves in the United States.

There are a number of Juneteenth materials that can be found in the UAA Consortium Library QuickSearch.

Courtesy Western Pennyslvania Conference, UMC

Online Exhibits

What if I told you that your Consortium Library has online exhibits? You could check out so many places and never leave your seat! Some of those places include various locations in the state of Alaska. These online exhibits include topics on restaurants, historical locations, and different works of art.


<h1>Online exhibits</h1>

Need a place to study?

Having a great place to study is essential! The Consortium Library has various locations where you can get some studying done. Some of those areas include private study rooms while others are great if you are studying in a group. There are also open areas in different levels of the library to take in the view that Alaska has to offer all while getting a higher education.